I decided to break a bad mojo by creating drawings that would protect me and my family, bring positive energy and happy thoughts! It worked… now I want to share it with you!

Smile and wave boys!

Maneki-neko will protect your business and bring you lots of success as it did to me! This is a very powerful drawing that you should definitely have in your office wall. The beckoning cat is a Japanese talisman for small business owners. Tells the tale that the operator of an impoverished shop takes in a starving, stray cat despite barely having enough to feed himself. In gratitude, the cat takes up a station outside the establishment and beckons in new visitors, bringing prosperity as a reward to the charitable proprietor.


Once upon a time…

there were 3 wise monkeys until they evolved into the human race… Also called the Japanese “three mystic apes” are a visual representation of the saying “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. In Buddhist tradition, this proverb means you should not dwell on evil thoughts. If this great advice doesn`t bring you good luck, I don`t know what will! The three monkeys are:

? Mizaru, covering his eyes

? Kikazaru, covering his ears

? Iwazaru covering his mouth.


I ate your envy for breakfast!

This is a very powerful drawing that you should definitely have in your kitchen wall! While you eat keep visualizing that evil person you know. Most likely he/she will be transformed into a small rat by the time you finish your meal!


An apple a day…

keeps you immune and the witch away!