Ver Para Crer – Drawing and Visual Perception Course – emerged from the need to emphasize the importance of drawing in the society, stating its role as a way of reading reality and understanding the personal and professional problems of each individual. This project aims to describe a vision of drawing as a means of cultural evolution but also as a learning method in order to develop cognitive skills. Therefore, considering the research work from different authors in Education, Creativity, Psychology and Aesthetics, a curriculum has been created as a way of encouraging participants to seek creative answers to their problems, as well as providing different exercises that promote abstract vision and further improve observation and attention skills. Thus, drawing is no longer seen by participants as a gift that few possess, but as a valuable and significant resource to be used by people who understand its essence and its benefits, particularly the increase of both their confidence and self-esteem. For most learners, the discovery of an individual expression through the drawing experience seems to be one of the most enlightening ways to reach self-knowledge and personal fulfillment.