I started to use jar lids while teaching drawing to my beginner students. We would use them to mix watercolors and china ink. But after some time those caps would end up in the trash bin. I remember seeing the beautiful marks left on the lid surface specially when using china ink. One day I tried to scratch it with an art knife and discovered that it was actually a great medium to explore. Since then many friends and family have been gathering lids for me! Besides jar lids, I also work with cigarette boxes, tuna cans, cookie jars and almost any metal trash I can find in my kitchen. I am very fond of the scratchboard technique and I find the process very similar in a way, almost like a primitive approach of engraving. I believe it’s a very rewarding practice because the results are immediate and the marks are always amazing to observe. Everyone should be able to discover their own way of creating or doing something that allows them to be in a state of experiencing flow and happiness.

  • Drawing
  • 2016